European  American 
Consortium for Small Felines

Founded by: David Sparandara
Consortium working for feline conservation

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 ALC    David Sparandara

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male Asian Leopard Cat Alois Asian Leopard Cat ancestor of domestic Bengal cats ALC male Asian Leopard Cat

Enjoying his habitat outside our home

 male Asian Leopard Cat

  Alois ALC Male 

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The European American Consortium for Small Felines is a not for profit fully licensed organization. It was born in 2001 but its gestation period spanned a decade. It is the continuation of a project I began on another shore in the 1980s in New England in the field of exotic feline conservation. Our goals today are much the same as they were then. We work for the preservation of small feline’s world wide. Our approach is multi dimensional and global. On the political front we work to save natural habitats because to do otherwise is to fail to face the fundamental problem that plagues wildcats on all continents. As for acting locally we take pragmatic steps to aid captive managed populations by working in consort with zoos, game parks, sanctuaries, and private breeders for the purpose of creating and maintaining captive bred populations that exhibit genetic diversity and stable numbers. We serve as a vital link uniting breeding institutions on three continents. We serve as an informational clearing house, we facilitate animal transfers, we provide material aid to zoos and we are engaged in field conservation programs in both in Central Europe and Asia. 

In addition to the above we maintain a small facility here in the Czech Republic that serves as an off site breeding facility for rare felines. We believe that private breeders working with zoological parks have a vital role to play in terms of insuring healthy captive managed populations. The undeniable truth is that with each passing day the plight of small feline’s world wide becomes more precarious. Shrinking habitat, poaching and poor management decisions by certain sectors of the zoological associations to abandon their responsibilities to the small cats conspire and co-join to insure a tragic fate for these cats. The future of many of the small felines is in peril, for all the tenacity and strength they exhibit in the wild they remain powerless in the face of mans gross negligence toward them. They are a fragile lot and need our help. The European American Feline Consortium facility is part of the solution.

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We breed Asian Leopard Cats regularly. 
Our kittens are hand raised and well socialized.

ALC kittens   2005   ALC Kittens
David and Simona with Asian Leopard Cat Kittens

E-mail us about ALC or other kittens
socializing ALC kittens

10 year old Anna 

enjoys socializing

ALC Kittens

   Captive bred and raised

Bottle Fed and Well Socialized. 
Before shipping to new homes, at 3 months old.

socializing ALC kittens


ALC kittens will be placed in Europe or Canada. 

Due to new regulations with respect to import of Asian Leopard Cats to the US, we will place our kittens out of the United States.
Once American rules have been updated to offer reliable consistency in the import / export process we will resume shipment of Leopard Cats to American breeders.

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May 2009

we have 2 Male ALC
Asian Leopard Cat Kittens
They are very cute, growing well and Very Well socialized

ALC, Asian Leopard Cats for sale

ALC, Asian Leopard Cats for sale

ALC, Asian Leopard Cats for sale


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ALC kittens born in  2006 have been placed in new homes
ALC Luke 4 weeks old

Lucius 8 weeks

ALC kitten


asian leopard cat male kitten
Lucifer has exceptionally large rosettes, he will stay here

leopard cat kittens
Lucifer and friend


ALC kittens born in  2005 have been placed in new homes

ALC kittens


Teddy has been placed


male ALC kitten Otto     



Otto at 6 months old, in his new home.


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" Kittens from 2004 " 
" In their new homes "

Ella is a very lucky cat to live with such luxury

ALC Ella
ALC Ella

A beautiful boy at 1 year old


tiny tree  E MAIL  to inquire about future kittens

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Leopard Cats at the Consortium 


Asian Leopard Cat


Asian leopard cat, Adam

Adam is our oldest Leopard Cat

Asian Leopard Cat ancestor of domestic Bengal cats

Our Leopard Cat 'Cornelia' lives with Monika

female Leopard Cat

Libby,  female Leopard Cat  from Bundas in Canada

 Libby had two kittens born May 25, 2005 (sired by ALC Alois)  

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Sand Cat Kittens  2004
SandCats   SandCats

Sand Cat  

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Sand Cat female born March 14, 2005

Sandcat now in new home Sand Cat

Her Father Below

SandCat Male  SandCat



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Canadian Lynx,  two year old breeding pair. 


Rare Bikel Lynx 


at 9 months

Arrican Wildcat African Wildcat 

4 year old male

Geoffroy Cat


3 year old 

Geoffroy Cat 

in his enclosure


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Adult Ocelot

2 year old Ocelot


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